Large logistics company operating worldwide

The logistics company concerned has logistics centers distributed worldwide at airports and transport hubs.


Supervision of all technical facilities in the local centers with reporting of critical operating conditions to the on-site maintenance staff and logging at the central control room.


The UNITRO systems are used on site: C3-I/O acquisition modules as well as C3text plain text message systems and the CC24plus compact fault reporting unit or C3modem for telephone remote alarming as well as for logging the SISSYpro central unit.

Status and danger reports are recorded on site via the C3 top hat rail modules and output acoustically (warning horn) and with a plain text message system in the respective operations manager's office. At the same time, necessary services are immediately alerted via a C3modem, or via the CC24plus fault message center immediately via the acknowledgeable telephone remote alarm, in order to avoid downtimes, for example. of cooling systems to minimize.

Critical, defined messages are forwarded to the higher-level control center, with visualization logging and history memory. The current operating status of each logistics center can be queried and visualized.

The communication in the large-scale properties takes place via the LON bus and fiber optic cables, with the control center being communicated via the Internet.

Remote access to the installed components in the individual branches of UNITRO-Fleischmann in Backnang is also provided via VPN-protected access.