the dimension for plain text annunciator systems

Type designation:

plain text display, 320 messages
with 4x 40 characters per
message, integrated horn,
RS232 printer connector,
LON-bus FT-5000 Smart
transceiver with USB interface
or LNS-PlugIn for configuring

Controls and displays

  • LCD-display with back-light, 4x 40 characters, 5mm high, 
    from that 1x 40 characters to display date, time, message status
  • Front buttons for acknowledge the horn and function selection
  • Rear LED status display (e.g. LON, DCF; …)


Supply voltage

  • Wide-range power supplies with 85-265V AC / 85-250V DC or 14-28V AC / 19-36V DC, 100mA 

Electrical characteristics

  • Inputs modular and distributed expansion possible in steps of 16 or 24 
    with UNITRO I/O-Modules (recommended C3 or MVL 24/0)
  • Group alarm output, change over contact, max. 250V AC, 5A, 25V DC, 5A
  • Equipment fault output, change over contact max. 250V AC, 5A, 25V DC, 5A
  • Horn output, normally open, max. 250V AC, 5A, 25V DC, 5A
  • Serial Printer Interface (RS 232C)
  • 64 assignable outputs via LON-bus and/or UNITRO I/O-Modules 
    (recommended C3 OUT or work with CC24 or C3modem telephone dealers)
  • Battery backed real time clock (10 years)

Mechanical characteristics

  • Control panel bay 288 x 72 x 127 + 25mm (cutting for installation 283 x 62mm)
  • Screw-type terminals, plug connection with screw-type flange for connection max. 2,5mm²


  • Antenna for built-in DCF77 clock
  • Operating as a substation at SISSYpro First-Value Annunciator System 


Connection diagram C3text (LON)

Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    control panel bay 288 x 72 x 127 + 25mm
    (cutting for installation 283 x 62mm)

  • Weight:
    approx. 750g

  • Degree of protection:
    front: IP54 
    bay: IP20

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • Connection:
    screw-type terminals/ plug connection with screw-type flange max. 2,5mm²

  • Bus connection:
    2 wire LON-bus FT-5000 Smart transceiverwith screw plug-in terminals, max. 2,7km

  • Supply voltage:
    24V AC/DC (=14-28V AC, 19-36V DC),
    230V AC/DC (= 85-265V AC, 85-250V DC), 100mA

  • Real time clock:
    battery backup (max. 10 years)
    DCF77 radio clock with optional antenna

  • Data retention in the absence of power:
    battery backup (max. 10 years)

  • Printer connector:
    9-pin Sub-D socket RS232
  • Rear LED status display:
    Status of e.g. LON-bus, DCF-status etc.

  • Parameterization:
    via Mini USB-interface or LNS-PlugIn a.o.:
    response delay (from 1s to 18h (sec grid))
    quiescent / operating current, relevant / irrelevant,
    message allocation to the outputs,
    text input and self-binding

  • Operating modes:
    new value message with horn control
    acknowledgement of reports
    message comes = +
    message is acknowledged = Q
    message goes unacknowledged = -
    message goes acknowledged = message goes

  • Group messages:
    64 output contact (group messages)
    arbitrarily assigned the 320 messages
    issue e.g. about 4x LM 0/16R, via LON-bus or C3modem

  • Power loss:
    max. 6W

  • Relay outputs:
    max. 250V AC, 5A, 25V DC, 5A

  • Leakage distances and clearances:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • EMC, immunity of interference:
    in accordance with EN 61000

subject to change