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About Us


We are a company of universal industrial electronics, founded in 1971, and are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of fault reporting technology with alarm annunciator. As an owner-managed company - already in the second generation - we see ourselves as a modern innovation team.

Under the motto "the power to control", we develop and produce multifunctional fault signaling systems and alarm annunciators especially for energy suppliers, as well as for industrial and municipal areas. Furthermore, intelligent cyber-physical systems for condition and facility monitoring for use in Industry 4.0 scenarios, especially for monitoring of operating and utility facilities, with remote alarms and remote maintenance via all common media.

Since 1994 we supply a wide range of LON bus components for building and industrial automation with system integration.

By taking over a company in 2017, we are now also a supplier of components and systems for controlling and monitoring door locks, for the special field of clean room technology.

We remain open for customer-specific special developments.

In order to meet our high standard of quality, for example, our own UNITRO PSC standard, we unite development, test laboratory and manufacturing, in our own modern rooms at our company headquarters in Backnang, under one roof, Made in Germany.

The highly quoted inventor's spirit is a typical Swabian inventor, but we are also responsible to our numerous domestic and foreign customers in the energy and industrial sector as well as to the public sector. Long-term customer relationships are important to us. Delivery reliability means not only absolute reliability even in the case of short-term orders, but also a guarantee of spare parts for decades.

An overall innovative foundation, as well as research co-operation with competent partners and universities, guarantee a development and production according to the latest state of the art. This will continue to strengthen and strengthen our market position for the benefit of our customers.

Looking forward to a good cooperation, your team UNITRO.

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