CC24plus -bt Compact Central Fault Indicating Unit

in wall mounting housing

Type designation:

CC24plus -bt
central fault indicating unit for
24 message lines with RGB LED-display,
two flashing frequencies
(ISA-18.1/DIN 19235),
UPS, telephone dialer,
and bluetooth printer

Controls and displays

  • Bright 5mm RGB LED display
  • Separate status indicator
  • Easily exchangeable label strips
  • Integrated mini horn and functional keys
  • Built-in Ethernet port with Web server for visualization


  • Built-in USB port and Ethernet port (FTP) for parameterization from Windows 7 Pro
  • Operation, fault per message
  • Quiescent / operating current, relevant / irrelevant – for each signal
  • Response delay variable for each signal from 1s to 254sec
  • New value flash warning with 1 or 2 flash rates
  • 4 relay contacts, NO or NC contact, inputs freely assignable to outputs

Electrical characteristics

  • 24 message lines 2-pin 24V AC/DC, 8mA ± 15%, (alternatively internal supplied with 24V)
  • Acknowledgeable new value flash warning with 1 or 2 flash rates all sequences ISA-18.1-1979 (R2004) and DIN 19235
  • Minimum signal duration 10ms
  • EMC-values: UNITRO-Standard in accordance with EN 61000
  • Outputs:
    5x relay, 1 NO or NC contact, max. 250V 5A
    including 1x relay output for horn, max. 250V 5A
  • Separate connection for acknowledging the horn

Mechanical characteristics

  • Wall-mounted housing ABS 233 x 200 x 99,5mm with hinge for front panel
  • Screw terminal plug connection, max. 1,5mm²
  • Extended terminal compartment with embossed for cable glands from behind and below


  • Integrated UPS
  • Integrated analog modem for remote alarm via voice (Text to Speech)
  • 2 wire bus connection (LON-bus)
  • Bluetooth Printer

Connection diagram CC24plus -bt

Type of construction:

  • Bay: Wall-mounted housing (ABS) 233 x 200 x 99,5mm with hinge to open the front panel
    (insert the label strips)
  • Weight approx..: 1.500g with rechargeable battery 2.700g
  • Degree of protection: IP54, terminal box embossment for ports from behind + below
  • Climatic conditions: 5 to +55°C, 5 to 85% relative humidity
  • LED-display: 27 RGB LED
  • Labelling: exchangeable marking strips double spaced inscribable
  • Function buttons: integrated buttons for test, horn and 2x acknowledge flashing
  • Integrated horn: Piezo buzzer

Behind separate terminal cover:

  • Connection: Screw terminal plug connection max. 1,5mm²
  • PC connection: USB-B socket
  • Analogue telephone connection: RJ11 socket
  • Ethernet: RJ45 socket
  • Power supply: 230V AC (= 120-250V AC)
  • Power loss: 15VA
  • Max. back-up fuse: 10A L
  • Internal fuse: Picofuse 1,6A slow


  • Input level for signal inputs: 24V AC/DC 8mA, ± 15%, alternatively internal supplied with 24V
  • Minimum signal duration: 10ms



Option UPS:

  • Rechargeable battery: Gas-proof, lead- gel rechargeable battery 24V 1,2 Ah
  • Buffer time 100% ED: 3h
  • Buffer time signal standby: 10h
  • Connection for external battery: max. 2,2Ah

Option Tele:

  • Analog telephone modem for 28 voice messages (Text to Speech)

Option Bluetooth Printer:

  • For connecting the UNITRO handheld Bluetooth printer

Option LON-bus:

  • FTT 10 2-wire output for parallel tableau and GLT connection

Configuration menu / Network configuration:
Parameter setting via USB port or Ethernet port (FTP) from Windows 7 Pro, the following parameters:

  • Message as a fault or run signal (display only)

  • Message with horn, -horn without or with an automatic acknowledgment

  • Acknowledgeable new value message with 1 or 2 flash rates

  • 24 messages (voice) every 17sec be digitally stored

  • 4 Battery status messages:
    battery operation, defect, low voltage and power recovery

  • Message texts via TTS (Text To Speech)

  • Acknowledgment by front buttons on the unit,
    or telephone acknowledgement via acknowledgment code

  • In case of non-acceptance or failure to acknowledge the message forwarding announcement within 4 to play the numbers dialed

  • LED colors available: red, green, yellow, blue

  • Ethernet network and FTP configuration
  • Message relevant or not relevant

  • Quiescent current or operating current message

  • Response delay variable for each signal from 1–254sec

  • 4 relay contacts,
    NO or NC contact,
    inputs freely assignable to outputs

  • Automatic cut-off horn max. 254sec

  • Assignment of the 28 message texts
    on 6 connecting sections
    each with 4 numbers

  • Basically with start text for each message,
    and 7 text modules (acknowledge text)

  • Device address Bluetooth printer

  • Delay of phone messages up to max. 60 min

subject to change