Kärcher Central Winnenden with branch plants

In today's largely automated and networked production processes, rapid detection of critical operating conditions is necessary to avoid downtimes. Equally important is comprehensive monitoring of supply and operating facilities.


Monitoring of the entire infrastructure with decentralized recording of over 800 operating states of the parent plant in Winnenden and several branch plants (including in Obersontheim, Gissigheim, Schwaikheim, etc.) with central monitoring from Winnenden.


The UNITRO systems are used:
On-site C3-I/O acquisition modules as SISSYpro substations, ZFM substations and a SISSYpro SCADA system in the control center.

The status fault and danger messages are recorded on site via the C3 DIN rail modules and forwarded via the LON bus to the ZFM substation. The communication with the headquarters, which is more than 50 km away, takes place via the Internet.

The alarm management of the SISSYpro central unit offers an error analysis, a history memory as well as a visualization with logging in chronological real time.

Within the C3 system family, a local display could also be used at any time
C3text plain text annunciator system done, also via a C3modem a telephone remote alarm for services is possible.

The effective facility monitoring with SISSYpro enables optimal plant availability through preventive and predictive maintenance measures.