Large refinery Shell in Godorf/Cologne

This refinery is the largest in Germany and processes 9 million tonnes of crude oil per year, which is delivered via a pipeline directly from the oil port of Rotterdam.

Produced in this refinery: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, propane, and petrochemicals.


Monitoring of the entire electrical energy supply, including its own power plant.


The UNITRO systems are used: ZFM and ME 16-P logic substations with SISSYpro control panel.

The system offers - in addition to the visual and acoustic message on site at the substations - a comprehensive alarm management with error analysis, history memory, visualization and logging.

The SISSYpro control center communicates with the distributed SISSYpro sub-centers on the 4.4 km² site via a TCP / IP intranet. A special feature of the system is the chronological acquisition and output of over 8,000 alarm inputs in real-time (radio or GPS) with a resolution of ≤ 1 millisecond.

Since the end of 2017, the new FME32-W Windows alarm annunciators, as illuminated field plug-in cards, are being used in extensions in the substations. With their large, inscribable 5-color LED signal fields, these modules enable a clearly visible and easily legible assignment of faults, through a corresponding color choice of the display, even from a greater distance. In addition, these modules in terms of EMC comply with the increased UNITRO EMC values ​​for digital substation automation.