Cogeneration plant of EnBW in Stuttgart/Münster

Plant with 3 waste heat boiler for district heating, 3 coal boilers for district heating and electrical energy, 3 gas turbines for electrical energy. 164MW electric, 450MW thermal.

The power plant works in conjunction with the two power plants Gaisburg and Altbach (1,270 MW). Systems from UNITRO-Fleischmann are also in use in these two power plants.


Detection of the entire fault and danger messages in the power plant area in chronological real-time of 1 millisecond (radio or GPS clock).


The UNITRO systems ZFM substations with SISSYpro control center are used.

This system offers a comprehensive alarm management with error analysis, history memory, visualization and a chronological logging in real time (radio or GPS clock) with a resolution of ≤ 1ms.

In addition, the ZFM components for EMC comply with the increased UNITRO EMC values for digital substation automation.

For control of simulation control rooms in several Japanese nuclear power plants, each with about 30,000! Data points used several thousand LM series modules.
Communication between the mainframe and the switching and display devices takes place via the LON protocol.