Municipal utility Backnang

The task solution described here concerns the monitoring of rain overflow basins, especially in the area of environmental protection. However, the same system is also used in several municipalities with the same functions for monitoring and controlling the drinking water supply.

Municipal utility Backnang operates over 30 rain overflow basins and pumping stations in its catchment area. These function and retention basins control the inflow of sewage water to a sewage treatment plant with a common sewage system common in municipalities.


Remote monitoring and control of the devices installed in the pool with central visualization.


The LM- and C3-LON bus modules come with TCP/IP Remote Manager and for the acquisition of measured values and switching states as well as for the output of control commands Flowchief visualization for use.

The data transmission to the control center takes place via the GPRS transmission technology, this kind of transmission is much cheaper like e.g. a telephone leased line.

The data transmitted to the control center are visually displayed there on the screen in a diagram, as well as in tabular form as a RÜB protocol - as prescribed and printed out.

There is also the possibility that a maintenance company logs in via VPN in the entire system to change parameters, and to check the individual control modules for their functionality. This remote access also allows fast response, e.g. to an oil spill, with drainage prevention and disposal on site. The overall system is thus an active contribution to environmental protection.