Municipal utility Singen

Municipal utility Singen operate 11x pumping stations, 4x elevated tanks, 1x water treatment and 1x source detection for their drinking water supply.


Monitoring and control of the entire urban drinking water treatment with central visualization, including alarm management.


The C3 LON-Bus modules with Powerline coupler and, more recently, our innovative WA 40 Windows alarm annunciator, and the SISSYpro system with visualization in the control center, are used to record measured values and switching states, as well as to issue control commands.

Data is transmitted to the control center via existing 2-wire lines or via Powerline via the existing power lines. Alternatively, wireless GPRS packet data transmission is possible.

The LON bus technology is used with free bus topology and specific LON messages. The data transmitted to the control center are displayed on the screen in tabular form and in a chart, as well as printed out as a log. A history memory with chronological correct message storage allows an accurate error analysis over the course of a system failure.

There is also the possibility that a maintenance company logs in via VPN in the entire system to change parameters, and to check the individual control modules for their functionality.