MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Augsburg

MAN builds large diesel and turbomachinery, from 2-87 MW, in Augsburg, specifically for power plants and ship propulsion systems.
The two-stroke large diesel with 60-240 U/min serve for direct propulsion of ship propellers.


Monitoring of all high and medium voltage systems for the supply of development, administration and production. Further monitoring of the factory lighting, as well as processes of the service, drinking water and wastewater systems.


The UNITRO systems are used: as decentralized substations, ZFM clients and substations with C3 modules. SISSYpro control center with InTouch process visualization.

This system offers a comprehensive alarm management with error analysis, a history memory, as well as a process visualization with chronological logging.

The communication between the substations and SISSYpro takes place via the LON bus with free two-wire bus topology, and via a TCP / IP intranet.

Effective condition and facility monitoring enables optimal system availability through preventive and predictive maintenance measures.