Automotive industry with suppliers

Back in the 1980s, the auto industry needed effective fault reporting systems to monitor their manufacturing processes and equipment. At that time, UNITRO-Fleischmann developed compact fault reporting systems in 19 "card technology, which are still used today. As a special service, we also supply pinn and functionally compatible new replacement modules for systems delivered decades ago, so that the customer does not have to make any wiring and plan changes.


Compact fault reporting system for recording 100-200 events with local alarms.


Use of the UNITRO plug-in card series ZX3 + RX6 with 19 "racks.

The system, designed in miniature relay technology, offers high immunity to interference and can be operated directly in 230V grids, so the system has been and still is used in utility companies. The plug-in cards have a front LED display and a slip-in label.

The 19 "racks can be supplied with different connection techniques:
Solder, -Wrap, -Steck, - or screw connection.

A maximum of 120 messages can be recorded in a 19 "6U 84TE rack at solder termination.

For smaller fault reporting tasks our proven DIN rail modules of the SVE series are also frequently used.