EtherCAT technology

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Specification for the installation:

The over 35,000 command, signaling and signaling devices of the simulation switchgear of a nuclear power plant must be recorded, analyzed and output with the resultant reaction.

  • 136x 19 "racks with mainboard for 16 plig-in cards each
  • 904x plug-in cards digital out with 16 channels each + 24V DC / 20 mA short-circuit proof
  • 494x plug-in cards each with 16 input and 16 output channels +24 V DC
  • 443x plug-in cards with 8 analog outputs each 0-10 V 14 Bit resolution
  • 8x plug-in cards each with 2 RS 485 interfaces for controlling the control rod position displays

This was a customized special development, for further information please contact us.