19“ EtherCAT plug-in card with 8 analog outputs

for EtherCAT Mainboard

Type designation:

EC-0/8 ana
3U plug-in card with 8 analog
outputs, plugged directly for
EtherCAT technology

System features:

Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    plug-in card 4M 100 x 190mm
    plugged directly

  • Weight:
    approx 75g

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • Connection:
    front: 2x22-pin 3.18mm
    gold-plated terminal lugs for outputs

    rear: 2x15-pin 2.54mm
    gold-plated terminal lugs for supply voltage and SPI interface

  • Outputs:
    8 analog outputs 0-10V

subject to change