19“ EtherCAT-Mainboard

for analog and digital I/O plug-in cards

Type designation:

EC-Mainboard 1/16
Backplane 3U 84M for
1 power supply
+16 IN/OUT plug-in cards
in EtherCAT technology

System features:

  • Mainboard in 19“ rack 3U 210mm depth
  • PSC-Version 19” rack 4U 270mm depth
  • 1 slot for power supply 12M
  • 1 slot 4M for front Ethernet ports
  • 16 slots 4M for direct IN/OUT plug-in cards inserted
  • Back side 2 Ethernet RJ-45 jacks IN/OUT
  • EMC-values: UNITRO-Standard in accordance with EN 61000

Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    19“ rack 3U 84M 210mm depth
    PSC-Version: 19“ 4U 84M 270mm depth
    for 4U power supply and 1U cable jumpering

  • Weight:
    approx 3000g (without plug-in cards)

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • Supply voltage:
    via power supply card 230V AC

  • Bus connection:
    each one 10/100 Ethernet jack
    on the rear, bus input and output. 
    Alternatively front side via separate 4M plug-in card.
  • Integrated system components:
    1x Beckhoff BGA / ASIC as EtherCAT Slave Con-troller (ESC) for the physical implementation of the Ethernet ports on the internal E-Bus.
    The 16 card slots each have a separate ESC with a serial peripheral interface (SPI) for "on-the-fly" analysis of the Ethernet frame is received and control the IN/OUT expansion cards.

  • Slots:
    1x slot 12M with 32-pin D female connector shielded, for power supply
    1x slot with two 4Mx 15-pin 2.54mm female connector for direct plug-in card inserted
    1x slot with 4M front 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet jacks
    16x slots with 2x 15 pin. 2.54mm female connectors plugged directly for IN/OUT expansion cards

  • Leakage distances and clearances:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • EMC, immunity of interference:
    in accordance with EN 61000

subject to change