Munich Airport Terminal 2

For large properties and building complexes, an intelligent building management system is increasingly being used. In addition to air conditioning and ventilation, lighting and shading are controlled both locally and centrally.


Local and central control and monitoring of the entire airport lighting.


The modules of the MVE 8/8-L were used with MVL 0/8-PM and MVL routers, as well as iLON 1000 routers.

The entire lighting control was divided into 9 sections. The light bands are switched on via the PM load modules with 16 / 120A relay outputs and monitored for lamp failure via 12-bit measurement channels. For automatic activation, a weather station with brightness sensor is available.

In addition, local malfunction messages are recorded. Communication takes place via the FTT LON protocol with TCP/IP tunneling to the central control room via iLON 1000 router.