ZDF Capital Studio Berlin

Many municipal institutions no longer have supervisors. At the same time, however, there are more and more high-quality and sensitive operating equipment in the building services, from the air conditioning to the lighting, which must be controlled and monitored.


at ZDF: control and monitoring of the entire lighting and shading, with remote maintenance.


The UNITRO systems are used: MVE -L DIN rail modules for light and / or blind control, MVE router FTT/FTT, MVE repeater and the MPCC1 as LON TCP/IP gateway.

These modules communicate via the LON bus with pushbuttons, load modules for Venetian blind drives, as well as wind monitors. A TCP / IP interface allows a VPN remote maintenance access. As part of a maintenance contract, the system is managed by UNITRO-Fleischmann, including spare part warranty and on-site maintenance.