Cogeneration plant of EnBW in Stuttgart/Münster

Plant with 3 waste heat boiler for district heating, 3 coal boilers for district heating and electrical energy, 3 gas turbines for electrical energy. 164MW electric, 450MW thermal.

The power plant works in conjunction with the two power plants Gaisburg and Altbach (1,270 MW). Systems from UNITRO-Fleischmann are also in use in these two power plants.


Detection of the entire fault and danger messages in the power plant area in chronological real-time of 1 millisecond (radio or GPS clock).


The UNITRO systems ZFM substations with SISSYpro control center are used.

This system offers a comprehensive alarm management with error analysis, history memory, visualization and a chronological logging in real time (radio or GPS clock) with a resolution of ≤ 1ms.

In addition, the ZFM components for EMC comply with the increased UNITRO EMC values for digital substation automation.

Captured and evaluated approx. 800 messages.