Ostalb-Hospital Aalen

In modern clinics with their increasingly high-quality and complex technical-medical facility, a comprehensive condition and facility monitoring system is necessary to ensure trouble-free operation.


Monitoring of various utilities and medical facilities via the existing telephone network, without rewiring.
In a first expansion phase, more than 300 messages were to be recorded, from the areas of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and natural gas supply, with a central output at the gate.


Use of the UNITRO LON bus modules of the MVE- and LM- series with SISSYpro control center in the gate.

The use of the LON bus technology allows a two-wire network structure in a free bus topology, i. with star, tree, or ring structure.

The MVE modules from UNITRO-Fleischmann are decentralized, fully self-contained data acquisition components with integrated 230V power supply and max. 16 inputs.

The incoming messages are recorded and displayed in a tabular event-oriented manner on the screen at the gatekeeper. The output is audible and visual, with colored text depending on the criterion, and optionally as a chart.

It is also possible to have an alarm by telephone alerting the responsible service staff.

In addition to the primary fault reporting function, the system also offers additional functions in the direction of facility management.