Hydroelectric power plant on the Yangtze River in China

The Three Gorges power plant on the Yangtze River, which was commissioned in 2003, is the world's largest hydropower plant with a rated output of 22.5 GW.


Monitoring the transformers and circuit breakers in the substations.


The UNITRO front mounting modules are used: ME16-P logic

Each of the total of 128 switching cells in the dam power plant was equipped with the ME16 modules. Our modules were installed and delivered via a Swiss power plant supplier.

The ME modules were and are successfully used by various power plant suppliers.

In total, over 10,000 systems are in use worldwide.

The ME16 front mounting modules in the aluminum housing for 16 signal inputs and 2x16 relay outputs comply with the high UNITRO EVU values for digital station control technology with regard to EMC immunity to interference.
The 5-color LED display can be selected via software via USB
In addition, they have an input sensitivity of ≥1ms.

Recently, our new multifunctional and multi-communicative products are increasingly coming to the fore

WA16 / 40 Windows Alarm Annunciator Modules

with its innovative illuminated field display technology at home and abroad.