LON weather station

for recording of meteorological data

such as: Temperature, brightness, twilight, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, pressure, humidity and rainfall, etc.


Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    LM 8 ana GT:
    snap-on housing 145 x 111 x 50mm hoch
    C3 ana GT: 
    snap-on housing (polyamide) 
    with DIN-rail-Bus 22,5 x 99 x 113,5mm

  • Degree of protection:

  • Weight:
    LM 8 ana GT: approx. 300g
    C3 ana GT: approx. 150g

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • Connection:
    LM 8 ana GT:
    screw-type terminals/ plug connection max. 1,5mm²
    C3 ana GT :
    screw-type terminals/ plug connectionmax. 2,5mm²

  • Supply voltage:
    LM 8 ana GT: 24V AC/DC, 220mA (± 10%)
    C3 ana GT : via DIN-rail-bus

  • Function buttons:
    LM 8 ana GT:
    Reset + Service - button with Service LED yellow
  • LED-display:
    LM 8 ana GT:
    operating LED green
    Service LED yellow:  flashing = device not initialized
    continuous light = error

    C3 ana GT: see connection diagram

  • Neuron chip:
    3150 + 64KB Flash-EEPROM

  • Transmission:
    LON FTT10A two wire (twisted-pair),
    78kbps, max. 2,7km

  • Bus connection:
    isolated transceiver, 500V disconnecting insulation voltage

  • Inputs:
    with galvanic isolation (500V Uss),
    temperature sensor: e.g.: -30°C to +70°C
    brightness sensor: e.g.: 0 to 100.000 Lux 
    twilight sensor: e.g.: 0 to 2.000 Lux 
    wind speed sensor: e.g.: 0,7 to 40m/s 
    rainfall sensor: dry, rainfall
    wind direction sensor: 0° to 360°

  • Leakage distances and clearances:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • EMC, immunity of interference:
    in accordance with EN 61000

subject to change