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Overview extension-modules

              General data:       Creepage distances: UNITRO-Standard
                                  Degree of protection: IP20
                                  Climatic conditions: UNITRO-Standard
                                  EMC-values: UNITRO-Standard
                                  Status indicating with LED

             Types        C3 digital   C3 analog GT   C3text     C3modem
                           IN + OUT     IN + OUT    plain text-   telephone dealer
                                                     display   (remotely adjustable)
             Dimensions                             288 x 72 x 127
             (w x h x d)    45x99x113,5 (DO-2S)  45x99x113,5 (DO-2S)   Cutting for installation   22,5x99x113,5
             in mm                                   283 x 62
             Weight          150g         150g        750g          150g
             Connection   Screw-type   Screw-type   Screw-type termi-  3.5 mm² jack for audio
                        terminals/ plug   terminals/ plug   nals/plug connection   OUT
                        connection    connection    with screw-type flange  RJ11 socket for tele-
                        max. 2,5mm²   max. 2,5mm²   max. 2,5mm²   phone connection
             Power supply                         85-265V AC /
                              via         via     85-250V DC or     via
                           DIN rail-bus   DIN rail-bus   14-28V AC /    DIN rail-bus
                                                  19-36V DC, 100mA
             Inputs     C3 DI-8:     4 analog channels   320 messages modu-  64 signal lines with I/O
                        8x potential-free   galvanic separated    lar and distributed ex-  modules, for example
                        24V DC ± 10%, 5mA   (1500V DC), with plug- pansion possible in   C3-IN or C3text
                        per input. Response   gable modules freely   steps of 24 with   (see, eg adjustable pa-
                        delay: 25ms, Minimum  selectable:    UNITRO I/O-Modules  rameters C3text)
                        signal duration: 5ms   0/4-20mA input re-  (recommended C3 or
                        C3 DI0-4/4:    sistance: 56Ω   MVL 24/0)
                        4x potential-free inputs  0-10V input re-
                        (24V internal supplied)  sistance:1MΩ
                                     PT100 2 wire /
                                     3 wire / 4 wire
             Outputs    C3 DO-8:     0/4-20mA     Group alarm and   64 outputs with
                        8x Normally open con- max. 400Ω   equipment fault out-  I/O modules, for example
                        tact         0-10V min. 1kΩ, max.  put: change over con- C3 OUT or C3text
                        C3 DIO-4/4:    10 EVG     tact, max. 250V AC,   display signal lines which
                        x Normally open con-      5A, 25V DC, 5A   are selected but not yet
                        tact                      Horn output: normally  acknowledged.
                        or zero-voltage switch-   open max. 250V AC,
                        ing 250V AC, 2A           5A, 25V DC, 5A   Signal line 64 can be
                        or optocoupler outputs                 used to monitor the
                        24V DC, 2A                             trunk.
                        C3 DO-2S:
                        2x positive guided                     Audio OUT to control the
                        safety relays accord-                  message texts.
                        ing to EN 50205
                        each with 2x potential-
                        free normally open
                         + 2x potential-free
                        normally closed con-
                        max.250V AC, 5A /
                        25V DC, 5A
                        Electrical isolation:
             Remarks    Inductive load (contac- Resolution per chan-  64 assignable outputs  C3modem analog:
                        tors): Mount-in anti-in- nel:   14bit  via LON-bus and/or   Voice over the phone.
                        terference capacitors      UNITRO I/O-Modules  Text-to-Speech (TTS)
                        at the coils.   Error range:   <0,01%  (recommended C3   voice synthesis and
                                                  OUT or work with   DTMF acknowledg-
                        Please use external in- Sample rate:    CC24 or C3modem   ment.
                        terlock, driving shutter     approx. 6Hz  telephone dealers)   Configurable via mini
                        or sun blind motors (up     Serial printer connec- USB interface or re-
                        / down)!                  tion        motely adjustable via dial-
                                                  (RS 232C)   in
                                                              6 connection profiles,
                                                              each with 4 numbers
             Special    Parameterization:   Parameterization:   Parameterization:   C3modem GSM:
             functions   via Mini USB-inter-  via Mini USB-inter-  via Mini USB-inter-  Similar functionality as
                                                  face and W7-Soft-
                                     face of the Bus cou-
                        face of the Bus cou-
                                                              C3modem analog
                        pler and W7-Software  pler and W7-Software  ware:or LNS-PlugIn
                        e.g.         e.g.         (i.p.)      C3 coupler
                        quiescent / operating   Delta, …   relevant / irrelevant,   (eg C3-FTX) required for
                        current, delay time etc.   quiescent / operating  operation!
                                                  response delay for
                                                  each signal

                                                      subject to change                                 Page 72
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