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            Overview Bus-coupler

              General data:       Creepage distances: UNITRO-Standard
                                  Degree of protection: IP20
                                  Climatic conditions: UNITRO-Standard
                                  EMC-values: UNITRO-Standard
                                  Status indicating with LED

             Types       C3 Ethernet-  C3 LON-Bus     C3 RS                                                C3
                             Bus          and        coupler                                           Main power
                           coupler      3 phase    (RS485 or Mod-                                          unit
                                      coupler PLT r   bus RS485)
             (w x h x d)    22,5x99x113,5   22,5x99x113,5   22,5x99x113,5                                 35x99x95
             in mm
             Weight          150g         150g        150g                                                 250g
             Connection   Screw-type   Screw-type   Screw-type                                        Screw-type
                        terminals/ plug   terminals/ plug   terminals/ plug                           terminals/ plug
                        connection    connection    connection                                        connection
                        max. 2,5mm²   max. 2,5mm²   max. 2,5mm²                                       max. 2,5mm²
             Power supply
                          24V DC ± 10%   24V DC ± 10%   24V DC ± 10%                                    100 -240V AC

             Outputs                              RS232 printer                                       Nominal output volt-
                                                  interface                                           age:
                                                                                                      24V DC ±1%

                                                                                                      Output current:
                                                                                                      1,5A (-25°C-60°C), 2A
                                                                                                      (with POWER
                                                                                                      BOOST, -25°C-40°C
             Remarks    Ethernet TCP/IP cou- C3-FTX: LON FTT10A  RS485 coupler,                       Connection in parallel:
                        pler for LAN and Inter- two wire (twisted-pair),  option                      for redundancy and in-
                        net connections   78kbps max. 2,7km   Modbus RS485                            creased capacity.Max-
                                     C3-PLT: LON PLT22   and option                                   imum of 2
                                     two wire, C-band 125-  DCF77 time                                devices for redun-
                                     145 kHz (4,8kBit/s)    synchronization                           dancy on DIN rail con-
                                     max. 30km                                                        nector.
                                     C3-phase coupler
                                     Capacitive coupling on                                           Connection in series:
                                     3 phases                                                         No
                                     CENELEC band C and
                                     redundant band B,or
                                     band A
             Special    Parameterization:   Parameterization:   Parameterization:                     Power failure bypass:
             functions   via Mini USB-interface via Mini USB-inter-  via Mini USB-inter-              > 35ms (120V AC), >
                        and W7-Software, all
                                                                                                      150ms (230VAC)
                                     face and W7-Software,  face and W7-Soft-
                        modules connected   all modules connected  ware, all modules con-
                        with the DIN Rail Bus   with the DIN Rail Bus   nected with the DIN
                                                  Rail Bus

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