ME 24-P logic, integral logic annunciator

Control board mounting - Fault indicating system

Type designation:

ME 24-P logic
acknowledgeable new alert- flash warning with 2 flashing frequencies
(ISA-18.1/DIN 19235), with signal storage in case of power failure for 24 signal inputs, 
parameterization via USB,
with logic-functions

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Controls and displays

  • Bright 5mm RGB-LED display
  • Separate status indicator (green = Power ON / blue = USB connected)
  • Easily exchangeable label strips
  • Integrated mini horn and functional buttons


  • Integrated Mini USB interface for parameterization using Windows 7 Pro or higher
  • Acknowledgeable new alert/first alert flash warning, all sequences ISA-18.1-1979 (R2004) and DIN 19235
  • Quiescent / operating current – for each signal
  • New alert / first alert – for each signal
  • Inputs freely assignable to outputs for each signal
  • Response delay variable for each signal from 50ms to 10min
    (in steps of 50ms, 2s and 1min)
  • Selectable LED colors (red/green/yellow/blue/white)
  • Anti-tilt monitor

Electrical characteristics

  • 24 signal inputs, common ground max. 230V AC / 240V DC with filter switching and electrical isolation
  • Resolution and switching precision ≥ 1ms
  • EMC-values: Higher immunity levels to UNITRO-PSC-Standard
  • Electrically isolated outputs:
    2-pole contactless opto-mos switch max. 300V DC, 100mA (resolution ≥ 1ms) (in preparation)
    or normally open relay (optional input-parallel or output-parallel) max. 5A 250V AC, 3A 30V DC (resolution ≥ 10ms)
  • Electrically isolated horn / test- and group signal output (max. 5A 250V AC, 3A 30V DC)•
  • States saved to memory on power failure

Mechanical characteristics

  • Compact aluminum installation housing to IEC 61554 (144 x 144 x 160 + 25mm)
  • Connection: Screw-type terminals, plug connection or screw-type terminals max. 2.5mm²

Connection diagram ME 24-P logic (PSC- and Standard-version)

Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    ccontrol board housing aluminum 144 x 144 x 160 + 25mm

    (cutting for installation 138 x 138 + 1mm)

  • Degree of protection:
    front: IP50, with full-view acrylic glass doors IP54

    housing: IP20

  • Weight:
    max. 1750g

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-PSC-Standard

  • Connection:
    screw-type terminals (PSC version) or

    screw-typeterminals/ plug connection max. 2.5 mm²

  • Supply voltage:
    24V AC/DC 

    48-60V AC/DC
    110/125V AC/DC
    220/240V AC/DC

  • Alarm signal nominal voltage:
    24V AC to 230V AC

    24V DC to 240V DC
    voltage tolerance ±10%

  • Input level for signal inputs:
    at 24V AC / DC 8mA

    at 230V AC 7mA
    at 60V DC 4mA
    at 110 / 125V DC 3mA
    at 240V DC 2mA

  • Data retention in the absence of power:
    20 years

subject to change