SVE-LP 32 D and SVE-LP 16 R

compact lamps-test modules for distributor installation in snap-on breakers design

Type designation:

lamps-test module in diode technology
for 32 signal lamps,
at AC: halve wave with
reverse polarity voltage

lamps-test module in relay technology
for 16 signal lamps for
potential-separated lamps-test
without reverse polarity voltage

System features:

  • Inexpensive modules
    in diode-resistor logic (RD-logic)

  • Especially suitable for low voltage 
    DC power LED indicators

  • Connect to AC in the same phase.
    Lamps test with half-wave voltage

  • Can be expanded as desired

Connection diagram SVE-LP 32 D and SVE-LP 16 R

Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    snap-on housing
    100 x 75 x 55 / 62,5mm high
    (LP 16 R: 83mm high)

  • Weight:
    LP 16 R approx. 320g 
    LP 32 D approx. 200g

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • Connection:
    screw-type terminals/ plug connection max. 1,5mm²

  • Nominal voltage:
    24V AC/DC or 230V AC
    voltage tolerance ±15%

  • Input level LP16 R:
    at  24V DC 150mA
    at  24V AC 230mA
    at 230V AC   30mA

subject to change