C3 digital combined block IN + OUT

for DIN Rail mounting

Type designation:

C3 DIO-4/4
4x potential-free digital inputs (internal 24V)
and 4x potential-free relay outputs
normally open
max. 250V AC, 5A, 25V DC, 5A
or 4x zero-voltage switching 250V AC, 2A
or 4x optocoupler outputs 24V DC, 2A
for operation with C3 bus coupler

Controls and displays

  • Bright LEDs for status display
  • Dip-switch for the termination of the rail-bus

Parameterization of C 3 I/O modules via the C3 bus coupler

  • Via Mini USB interface and software from Windows 7 Pro
  • E.g. quiescent / operating current, delay time, etc. 

Power supply

  • Via DIN-rail-bus

Mechanical characteristics

  • Compact Snap-on plastic housing (polyamide) 22,5 x 99 x 113,5mm with DIN-rail-bus
  • Screw-type terminals, plug connection for connection max. 2,5mm²


  • Maximum total of 12x C3 I/O modules can be connected per bus coupler (from that max. 2x C3 ana GT)

Connection diagram C3 digital combined block IN+OUT

Technical data:

  • Type of construction:
    snap-on plastic housing (polyamide)

    with DIN-rail-bus 22,5 x 99 x 113,5mm

  • Degree of protection:

  • Weight:
    approx. 150g

  • Climatic conditions:
    in accordance with UNITRO-Standard

  • Connection:
    screw-type terminals/ plug connection max. 2,5mm²

  • Supply voltage:
    via DIN-rail-bus

  • Signal voltage:
    internal 24V DC potential-free contacts

  • Response delay:

  • Minimum signal duration:

subject to change